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Jewish Girl Abducted by Arabs in Broad Daylight, Escapes

• For years now, Hebrew University female students have suffered from sexual harassment from Palestinian men living in nearby villages.
But it has gotten increasingly worse over the past year, so much so that girls are refusing to live in the dorms, the university has begun providing shuttles around campus, and now- prevention through education, classes on empowerment and self defense against Palestinian sexual harassment, just like our Learn and Live programs!

This is a real problem- and EVERYONE is starting to recognize it.

Rav Noach Orloweck Click to hear video of his speech on:
Connecting With Our Daughters: Vital Message for Fathers and Mothers 7:30 pm. Call for info: 054 844 1290

Caroline Glick is speaking
Wednesday, September 11th on: Terrorism then and Now-What Have We Learned in Efrat. Call for info 054 844 1290

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• Please pray for Rachel bas Yafa. She called from the trunk of a car. Unable to find her.
R E S C U E D !

• RESCUED! 22 year old and child. Safe after years of abuse.

• Tamar L. – 20 year old girl who was rescued one year ago-“I was beaten so much, I can’t have children.”

We are in the news! See Arutz 7 Report

• 20 year old girl with young child is waiting to be rescued. To donate and save a Jewish Life click here

• Mazel Tov! This month, 3 girls from the shelter got married!

• Urgent need for new shelter

KNESSET REPORT ON THE WELFARE OF THE CHILD 2012 ENGLISH TRANSLATION   for the original report in Hebrew click here

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