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About us

Learn and Return serves teens-at-risk for abuse, abused women and girls who are disconnected from their families. We give these kids the opportunity to turn their lives around and become productive citizens through prevention, rescue and rehabilitation programs.

Our Mission

Learn and Return strives to prevent, rescue and rehabilitate girls from physical and emotional abuse, build their self esteem, provide them with practical vocational skills and strengthen their Jewish identity.

Why We Do It

No one chooses a life of crime or abuse without some underlying rationale. Most at-risk youth are challenged on many levels – they are often from poor or dysfunctional families; suffer from a severe lack of self esteem and/or feel estranged from mainstream society. Temptations of an affluent society are everywhere, in particular during adolescence, a known period of immense emotional turmoil.

Some disturbing statistics: Over the past decade the number of at-risk youth in Israel has grown by 48%. More than 50,000 teens dropped out of high school between 2009 and 2010 (the National Council for the protection of children). Drug and alcohol abuse and the crimes that they bring about have escalated. The percentage of youth who abuse substances has grown by 50% since 1989 (Israel Anti Drug Authority).

Learn & Live was established in 2009 to confront these challenges. Centers operate in cooperation with local government agencies that help support Learn & Live. Municipal welfare agencies send teens to our Centers, and donate the premises for most of our locations.

The Problem

Vulnerable, unhappy, young Jewish youth are falling, daily, into cleverly laid traps by older, abusive men. Lured by material gifts, compliments and a listening ear, the problem that was once rare has become a growing, frightening phenomenon – thousands of Israeli teens and very young girls are engaging in relationships with abusive men and/or seeking survival in the sex industry. Over 1,000 calls a year are received by hotlines throughout the country from frantic girls begging to be rescued from villages where law and order resembles the wild west! The army and the police are reluctant to go into many of these areas. It is our duty to protect our Jewish girls, prevent these tragedies, rescue those who are trapped and help rehabilitate those who were abused so they can lead normal, productive lives.

The Knesset Report

The Knesset Committee for the Rights of the Child stated, " There are 1071 children missing in Israel, most of which are young girls that were lured away with gifts by older men. Because they originally went of their own free will, these girls are classified as 'voluntarily missing' and the police have decided not to pursue them." Voluntarily Missing????? The Knesset heard the story of a 15 year old girl who was lured away from home by a man from Ramallah. The woman telling the story, of her niece, claims that the biggest tragedy is that there was no place for her niece to go other than with this man because there was no room in government shelters. According to Yitzchak Kadmon of the Israeli "Moatza L'Shlom HaYeled – National Committee for the Protection of Children", the situation in Israel today – regarding shelters for youth at risk - is worse (per capita) than it was 40 years ago.

Learn & Live uncovered this problem in 2009. We did not wait for official documented conclusions that there are insufficient facilities for young woman at risk - we took action. Learn & Live empowers, rescues and shelters Jewish girls and young woman who were abused and /or are severely at risk of being victims of abuse.

The Solution: Prevention, Rescue, Rehabilitation
Learn and Return
Preventing Abuse of Jewish Girls in Israel
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