Learn and Return Saves Drunken Jewish Girls from Abduction on Purim

Our volunteer street patrol in Jerusalem was nothing short of heroic this Purim. On the watch for young Jewish girls who had had too much to drink, they spotted a group of men carrying away a young girl who had passed out. Fearlessly, they confronted the group and threatened them if they didn’t leave the girl alone. The men ignored their demands and continued walking. A quick call to our staff brought several more volunteers to the scene within minutes, rescuing the girl from an unknown fate. She was taken to our Jewish “tent” to sleep it off and was sent on her way in the morning.

Our volunteers assisted over two dozen girls on Purim night, escorting them home or taking them to a safe house to sleep until the morning. Thankfully, this year was quieter than previous years. This could be due to the huge police presence all over town, with five times as many policemen on duty as in recent years. The police were extremely responsive to our plea to heighten their presence in the city. With the help of the Jerusalem municipality and Learn and Return, our girls were protected and safe.

We thank all those who sponsored the Purim Patrol, the Jewish tent, and the safe house where girls could sleep protected until the morning.


It’s been 17 days since three Israeli boys were kidnapped by Arab terrorists. It’s been two years since Sara, Israeli girl, has been allowed to leave the confines of her Arab captor’s village.
There are hundreds more like Sara.
#bringbackourboys #bringbackourgirls

16-Year-Old Girl Calls from Trunk of Arab Car

A mother called Learn and Live  complaining that her 16-year-old daughter was hanging around with three Arab men from Shechem.  When confronted, the teenage girl claimed that the Arabs treated her like a princess and they were all just friends.  Learn and Live counselors called the girl and tried to make a time to meet with her but to no avail.

Two days later,  the girl called Learn and Live   from the trunk of a car.   “They are taking me into Shechem!   They told me to stay in the trunk to get thru the Israeli checkpoint”.

Frantic chase efforts were made to find the car and the girl but to no avail.

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Missing young girls lured by gifts wooed back by Learn and Live

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Missing young girls lured by gifts being wooed back by Learn and Live

JERUSALEM – According to a 2012 Knesset report, 1,071 children are missing in Israel. Most are young girls lured away with gifts by other men. Since they went willingly at first, the police have decided not to pursue them.

This information is posted on the ‘Learn and Live’ website (learnandlive.org.il), a non-profit organization focussing on the estimated 330,000 Israeli youth who aimlessly roam the streets on a downward spiral.

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‘Rescue Patrols’ Seek to Help Drunken Youths

Purim Eve: ‘Rescue Patrols’ Seek to Help Drunken Youths

The “Learn & Live” volunteers patrolled the streets of Jerusalem on Purim eve to offer assistance and guidance to the youth.
By Yoni Kempinski

While most Israelis were spending the holiday night with their families and loved ones, a group of thirty volunteers spent the cold holiday night patrolling the streets of downtown Jerusalem offering assistance and guidance to the many young people out celebrating.  Purim, which is known for being the “celebration” holiday, sees hundreds of youths converge year after year in the heart of Jerusalem, with alcohol and drugs in rampant use.

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Jewish Group Rescues Drunk Girls From Abuse

During this weekend’s Purim festival in Israel, volunteers will swoop in and drive “at risk” girls to safety.

Volunteers from Israeli organization Learn and Live will be patrolling the streets of Jerusalem during this weekend’s Purim festival, intent on rescuing intoxicated women and girls from potential sexual predators. During the festival, young girls often get drunk and use drugs, putting them at greater risk of being lured in to abusive situations, The Jerusalem Post reports. “They are not capable of making a conscious decision, and they follow strange men. They don’t even know who they are with,” says Patty Kupfer, who has been organizing the project for Learn and Live. “All teenagers make mistakes but we don’t want them to do something stupid that would affect them for rest of their lives.”

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