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Centers serve hundreds of girls throughout Israel
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Rescuing Jewish Girls from Abusive Situations
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Our centers serve hundreds of girls throughout Israel.

Learn & Live locations provide, fun, food and a safe place to be. With a lot of love, warmth and professionalism, the staff nurtures and counsels each and every girl. There is a 'listening ear' and mentors to direct the girls towards healthy relationship choices and vocational options. Programs that enhance social and educational skills, Jewish identity classes, vocational classes and private counselling help these girls get back on the right track.

Learn & Live operates in areas that are home to a great number of at-risk teens. Since at-risk youth can be found in every community – that's where we work. In large cities and small towns, in kibbutzim, moshavim and development towns among native born Israelis and new immigrants. Due to the success of the program, many municipalities donate the locations and many other cities have requested that we open a center.

Learn and Return
Preventing Abuse of Jewish Girls in Israel
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