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Missing & Abused Girls

At Learn & Live, we prevent teens at risk from getting into serious trouble. We offer a warm and caring environment, a listening ear, food and fun and a - a safe place to "hang out". Our trained counselors have their fingers on the pulse to ensure these at-risk teenagers have safe social relationships.

Many teenage girls who come from poverty stricken homes or dysfunctional families have become easy targets for older, abusive men who wine and dine them. Overwhelmed by the kindness and gifts, these young girls unsuspectingly go with these men thinking they are in love. Once they are wisked away to their village, the abuse, both physical and sexual begins with no way out. Can you imagine the fear and trauma of a 15 year old girl who innocently went out to lunch with a 30 year old who had viscious intentions?

The Knesset report on Children in Israel states that there are 1,071 teenage girls who are considered ‘voluntarily missing’ since they went willingly with their predators in the beginning of the relationship and the police are not continuing to look for them.

Voluntarily missing at age 15? Do you remember the choices and mistakes you made at age 15? Learn & Live has rescued 250 of these girls. We get them out, we help rehabilite them in our shelters and get back to a normal life.

Help us prevent an adolescent mistake become a lifetime tragedy..

Learn and Return
Preventing Abuse of Jewish Girls in Israel
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