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Unfortunately, there are thousands of girls who are trapped in abusive situations. Officials estimate anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 women and girls are either physically or emotionally trapped against their will in abusive relationships. Our hotline receives hundreds of calls each year from desperate, young women, begging to be rescued. This past summer alone, we received over 300 calls! Learn and Return spearheads the work of a team of staff professionals and a volunteer lawyer that helps save those, who have already fallen into the trap. Although this is often a dangerous and complicated procedure, we have freed over 300 women.

An organizational rescue team works in cooperation with assorted local people to uncover situations in which a Jewish girl or young woman requires our intervention to help escape a dangerous reality. Social workers, therapists and additional professionals work in tandem with us to ensure immediate assistance Follow up care is provided in our rehabilitation program.

Learn and Return is literally saving lives – See how. All names have been changed to protect privacy. Abusive men tend to sense vulnerable teens’ weaknesses. That’s what happened to Rachel.

Forced into the Sex Industry – Rachel’s Story

Rachel ran away from her Jerusalem home and started living on the streets when she was 14. Yossi found her when she was in deep despair. He comforted her and eventually rented her an apartment in the Talpiot neighborhood of the city. After teaching her “the ropes” Rachel was forced to serve men sent to her by Yossi; he collected her earnings daily. Rachel lived like this for four years. At age 18, Yossi transferred Rachel and all operations to Ramalla.

She managed to contact Learn and Return and our staff rescued her. She is now safely tucked away in a shelter and receiving intensive therapy to help her regain her sense of self and give her tools for a new life.

No Place Like Home – Debby’s Story

Debby grew up in a dysfunctional, financially challenged home in Northern Israel. She was shipped off to the homes of her siblings on an ongoing basis. She'd spend a few days in one home then be sent on to the next. She felt alone and rejected. It was only a matter of time until she took to the streets, was courted by and married an abusive man. Living in his village became a nightmare for Debby who was constantly beaten and abused. In a moment of opportunity, Debby contacted Learn and Return. We helped her escape. She now resides in our Shelter.

When asked what her feelings are in regard to Learn and Return Debby said "I owe them everything". "I was a wreck when I got here, for the first time in my life I know that I am wanted and loved". "I now feel that my soul is healthy." "In the past I was like a walking dead person – now I am alive – I am happy"

Now Loved – Sara’s Story

Growing up poor and subject to her father's abuse, Sara often dreamt of escaping her reality. Sara met Sammy in Tel Aviv. Sammy showered her with gifts; following a short courtship Sara fell in love and willingly moved to Kalandia with Sammy. There the relationship changed. Sara recalls – "I was like a slave. I was often severely beaten. Sammy's family called their friends from the Hamas to do with me as they saw fit." "I felt that no one wanted me – I felt trapped".

Sara managed to contact friends outside the village who contacted Learn and Return. We successfully removed Sara from her captivity. She is now being empowered at our shelter . Sara states "I was a wreck when I got here, for the first time in my life I know that I am wanted and loved".

A Strong Tree does not Bend – It Breaks – Judy’s Story

Judy grew up in a dysfunctional “broken” family. She longed for a loving father, her father had walked out on her when she was 15 after a very messy divorce. That’s when she met Avi. For the first time in years, Judy felt that she could be herself – not the strong person that her family and friends leaned on. In Judy’s words “Avi let me be me, he listened as I expressed the abundance of pain and frustration that I had accumulated over the years. He bought me presents, took me out for beautiful dinners. I felt the best I had in a very long time.”

“Avi offered to take me to his home, so that I could escape my family. I agreed with pleasure.” Avi’s home was in a village. Once I arrived at his home - I was forbidden to leave. In that house I was abused, beaten and battered. Now I know, there is something worse than living in a broken family. I have become a broken person.

After I gave birth in that hateful house, I knew I could not go on this way. I managed to get in touch with someone from Learn and Return – He and his team got me out.

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