He was so kind


16 year old Rachelle was a fatherless immigrant.  Without a father Rachelle had a tremendous void in her life.

It’s no wonder that when Odi began to come around, Rachelle took notice. Odi was significantly older than Rachelle. He was handsome, he was charismatic, and he was an Arab.

He talked to Rachelle and provided her with conversation and friendship. He paid a lot of attention to her. But most importantly he bought her gifts!  Rachelle loved this as she came from an impoverished family. Her mother was worried. So were the other people who care for Rachelle’s well-being.

In this case, the relationship deepened quickly and Rachelle began to travel back and forth from Odi’s village.

At this point, Rachelle could still come and go as she pleased. But the general patterns in cases like this is that, eventually, this freedom would end, and Rachelle would find herself trapped within the confines of Odi’s property.

Learn and Return was contacted about this case.

A rescue counselor retrieved Rachelle from Odi’s village. In need of urgent psychiatric care, Rachelle began the process of therapy in conjunction with medication. Rachelle was saved at just the right time.

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