So alone


18 year old Dina was brought up in a religious home. She attended religious schools and was immersed in Jewish tradition.

Still, life wasn’t easy.

Dina’s father was ill. She had a volatile relationship with her mother. Life was a series of challenges. She felt very much alone.

One day, Dina went walking on the Tel Aviv beach. Her peaceful surroundings were abruptly interrupted when a man mugged her, taking her wallet. As she stood scared and helpless a stranger began to run after the culprit.  Breathless, he ran back to her, unfortunately without the wallet.

And this is where Dina’s story starts.

He asked if she was ok. He asked if she needed a ride home. She was still in shock.

A total stranger was supporting her. Why was he doing this? She didn’t need to know the answer….she needed to get home. Of course he could drive her back.

As they began driving back to Jerusalem, Dina’s hero made a call. Was that Arabic Dina overheard?

“Not all Arabs are terrorists Dina”.

And thus began Dina’s relationship with “Mohammad”

It felt good to be with Mohammad. It felt safe.  It certainly felt better than being in a home filled with strife and illness.

The relationship began to evolve. There were a lot of gifts. There were a lot of promises.

A friend spotted Dina and Mohammed sitting on a street corner. She was concerned and contacted us.

Learn and Return’s counselors worked with Dina and her mother for over two months. Dina began to understand how dangerous this situation could have become if this relationship had continued. Dina felt supported and heard throughout the process with Learn and Return. She was helped just in time.

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