No one understood


17 year old Sara was unhappy. It was hard enough to be a teenager, but to be an overweight one made everything that much worse.

There was not a day that went by when Sara was not self-conscious. Whether it was true or not, Sara believed everyone was judging her.

In Sara’s world, this was the age when girls began to think of marriage. Who would marry her….someone so big, unsightly, and clumsy? The more she thought about it, the more she became depressed. It was a vicious cognitive cycle. She saw herself as fat. That is who she was.

Enter Ahmed.

Ahmed worked at the local grocery store.  He told her what she was dying to hear. That she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Time and again, he would seek Sara out and time again she would hear words that made her feel cherished, valued, and amazing.

Initially she kept her guard up, but eventually she began succumbing to Ahmed’s advances. She had never felt so in love.

A friend of Sara contacted Learn and Return and we were able to begin a relationship with her.

We understood that peer contact and support was vital in this case. Arrangements were made to have Sara participate in group activities.

Building relationships with other girls was an important piece to healing the distorted self-image Sara had cultivated.

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