I can’t belive this happened to me


Like Rachelle, 15 year old Leah was fatherless.

Leah was discontented and bored with life. She enjoyed hanging out with friends to pass the time.

Some new friends including three Arab boys.

She told her mom that she enjoyed their company and that there was nothing romantic about their relationships.

Concerned at this new development, Leah’s mother called us.

Learn and Return was in contact with her when an alarming new incident took place.

Leah found herself in the trunk of one of her “friend’s” cars. Via a cell phone call, she told her mom that everything was ok.  That the reason she was in the trunk was so that the car could safely cross a checkpoint.

A few moments later, Leah found herself trapped in Palestinian territory.

As a result of this unfortunate turn of events, Leah found herself imprisoned in a chicken coop on one of her “friends” properties. She was living in filthy, abusive, inhumane conditions.

Through the grace of G-d, Leah escaped, and ran for her life.

At one point, she managed to hail a cab, which dropped her off at a location where she felt safe enough to call her mom.

Learn and Return was contacted once again.

A rescue operation was initiated and successfully implemented, bringing Leah back home.

Leah’s rehabilitation began the moment she was rescued.

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