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Fifteen young girls….

Fifteen young girls, many underage were rescued on Purim evening in Israel. Each one had too much to drink or was given some kind of drug that made them incoherent. Our staff and volunteers paroled the streets of downtown Jerusalem from 11 pm at night to 6 am in the morning. Many girls were literally picked […]

I can’t belive this happened to me

Leah Like Rachelle, 15 year old Leah was fatherless. Leah was discontented and bored with life. She enjoyed hanging out with friends to pass the time. Some new friends including three Arab boys. She told her mom that she enjoyed their company and that there was nothing romantic about their relationships. Concerned at this new […]

No one understood

Sara 17 year old Sara was unhappy. It was hard enough to be a teenager, but to be an overweight one made everything that much worse. There was not a day that went by when Sara was not self-conscious. Whether it was true or not, Sara believed everyone was judging her. In Sara’s world, this […]

So alone

Dina 18 year old Dina was brought up in a religious home. She attended religious schools and was immersed in Jewish tradition. Still, life wasn’t easy. Dina’s father was ill. She had a volatile relationship with her mother. Life was a series of challenges. She felt very much alone. One day, Dina went walking on […]

He was so kind

Rachelle 16 year old Rachelle was a fatherless immigrant.  Without a father Rachelle had a tremendous void in her life. It’s no wonder that when Odi began to come around, Rachelle took notice. Odi was significantly older than Rachelle. He was handsome, he was charismatic, and he was an Arab. He talked to Rachelle and […]